5 Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems – and Solutions

Warmth, relaxation, and fun typically await us during the summer – but plumbing problems can arise, too. With outdoor summer activities and visiting guests, your home’s plumbing systems are getting extra wear. Below, we’ve outlined five common summer plumbing problems that you may run into this season.

1. Blocked Toilets

With more people in your home for the summer, your toilets may start getting blocked. Remind kids of what can and can not get flushed, and keep a plunger handy for minor blockages to prevent an emergency from happening.

For bigger emergencies, have a plumber come and inspect the problem.

2. Slow-Clearing Shower Drains

All of the extra time spent outside means that your bathtub and shower drains are at risk of getting clogged. Dirt, sand, and pebbles from fun at the park or the beach can get caught up in clothing, then end up blocking the drain.

To keep this debris from entering your home, have your kids rinse off at the beach or outside and strip down before getting into the shower. If you notice any long hair on the drain cover, remove it as soon as possible – before it gets stuck.

3. Sprinkler Problems

Keeping our lawns green and lush is nearly impossible during the summer months without a sprinkler system. But when our yards are also getting more traffic via lawnmowers and feet, sprinklers can become damaged.

Before using them, check your sprinkler heads for signs of wear and tear and your hoses for small leaks. Any replacement parts you need are typically easy to find at your nearby hardware store.

4. Overflowing Washing Machine 

Have you noticed how much extra laundry you need to do during the summer? Trying to take a shortcut by completing heavy loads instead can cause blockages and overflows. Even though it will take longer, smaller loads are less likely to lead to blockages and messy overflows.

To reduce the risk of overheating, move your washing machine slightly out from the wall. If you notice any kinds of leakages in your machine’s hoses, get them replaced by a professional plumber.

5. Basement Flooding

Just like in the spring, rain continues to be a problem in the summer. The more wet weather we get, the more likely our basements are going to flood.

If your basement is prone to flooding, it should have a sump pump. Designed to transport water from your basement out of your home, a sump pump is found in a naturally constructed pit below your basement floor. Inspect this system regularly to ensure it’s in good working order and ready for the next unexpected downpour.

Call a Professional Plumber 

When your plumbing problem gets out of hand, you can count on us to create a solution. No matter the season, our team of qualified plumbers is equipped to deal with any plumbing emergency – day or night. Contact us today for more information about our plumbing services.