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Should I Use a Ceramic or Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink?

When choosing a sink for the kitchen in your Mississauga home, you have many materials to select from, and the material you use can make a big difference in your kitchen. Certain materials will be much more durable and resistant to wear and tear over time, while others will not last long. 

There are two main materials usually used for sinks, which are ceramic and stainless steel, but how do you choose between these two? Here’s what you need to know for choosing ceramic vs stainless steel for your sink. 

Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Many people who choose a porcelain sink for their kitchen are attracted to them because they give an old-world appeal to the home, so it’s usually the aesthetic of the sink. 

Porcelain sinks will often leave your friends and family in awe of your kitchen renovation, and they often give the feel of a country kitchen to any home. Additionally, porcelain comes in various colours, so you can find a sink in almost any colour to match a palette if you’ve already selected one. 

The main difference between ceramic and stainless steel sinks is that ceramic sinks are less durable or as long-lasting than stainless steel.  

With years of wear and tear, the glaze on the sink will start to wear down, exposing the layer beneath the ceramic glaze, which is much more porous without the glaze. As more and more of this underlayer is exposed, the sink can become stained, or cracks will show with the glaze wearing down. 

To add more years to your glaze, it is recommended to use household cleaners that are not abrasive, so the glaze doesn’t break down. Further, you may want to keep foods that stain away from the sink – like wine or coffee grounds. 

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks will be much more functional in a kitchen setting. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it will be much easier to maintain over time. Now it does not have the same design aspect as a porcelain sink will, and you will not have the option to select a colour, so if that’s something you want, you may have to go with a porcelain sink. 

One of the biggest benefits of stainless steel is that it isn’t porous, so you can wipe away food and other substances without damaging the sink. The stainless steel sink will look much more modern than the porcelain ones, so if that isn’t your style, this will be something to consider. 

Which type of sink is right for you?

Ultimately it comes down to what your preference is and the look you want for the kitchen in your Mississauga home. If you have young children or do a lot of cooking with ingredients that stain a porcelain sink, consider getting a stainless steel one so that it will last for much longer and stand up to the daily wear and tear of your family. 

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