Choosing a Toilet

We hope you don't too spend too much time on your toilet, but we all know that it's enough time to consider carefully what kind of toilet we want to purchase. Whether it's for a new bathroom or a replacement toilet. Quality is important, and you will actually want to purchase a toilet that sucks. This, after all, is its only job.

There are essentially two types of toilets to consider when shopping for that perfect throne.


The gravity-feed toilet is likely what you're used to. Most toilets out there are gravity-feed. Gravity-feed toilets work by pulling water into the bowl flushing out the waste. These toilets are quieter than their counterpart and can operate on very little pressure.


While these toilets are not popular, they work by containing air that forcefully thrusts waste water through the bowl. You will want to ensure that your home can provide at least 25 pounds per square inch of water pressure if this toilet is your choice. Pressure-assisted toilets can be efficient and avoid clogs but are noisier than their counterpart. Theses toilets can, however, can be more expensive.

Besides the kind of technology you decide on for your next toilet, there are other factors to take into consideration.


Although a toilet only has one job to do, the design might be a factor in your choice. Toilets don't all look the same anymore. They come in different sizes, styles and shapes. While there's a toilet for every bathroom, you will be left out in the cold if you're looking for an avocado coloured toilet. Some colours do exist though white is still a favourite. Toilets are designed with more creativity in mind and you won't have to sacrifice style when you install your throne. They're even comfort height toilets which will have you sitting one to three inches higher off the ground. This will make getting on and off the toilet easier. Unless of course you are vertically challenged.


Your toilet, no matter what make or model you decide on, should suck. There are different levels of suction. The more suction, the bigger the price tag. Though there are minimum requirements for manufacturers when it comes to the level of suction that a toilet provides, there are many toilets out there that go above this standard. A piece of mind is what you'll get when investing in a toilet that won't let you down. A great toilet will get the job done the first time. A well-performing toilet will not only carry waste far down into the drainpipe, reducing the chance for a clog but will clean your toilet upon flush.

Water conservation

More water doesn't always mean a better flush. 30% of all water used in Canada goes down the toilet. Advancements in toilet technology have opened up the market on toilets that conserve water while providing great performance. In Canada, there are limits on consumption for toilets, and this is driving the market for low flow toilets that use less water. Choosing a toilet with dual flush technology will put water conservation in your hands, literally.

The key to choosing the right toilet for you is to compare, so you don't make a crappy choice. Look at several models, weigh your budget, preference and needs and choose wisely. If you need help choosing a toilet, or you need toilet installation then contact us today.