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DIY Drain Cleaning: Why It Can Be a Bad Idea

When your household’s drains aren’t working correctly, it may be tempting to clean them yourself. However, although you may think you’re saving yourself money or the inconvenience of contacting a professional, do-it-yourself (DIY) drain cleaning may not always be the best solution. Here’s why!

Problems Caused by DIY Drain Cleaning

When you attempt to tackle a plumbing project yourself, it may be trickier to identify the real problem. For example, you may think your clogged drain’s caused by something going down your drain that shouldn’t have, but this may not be the case. Fixing an incorrect cause of a problem could lead to unnecessary time, expense, and frustration.

If you’re attempting to clean or unclog a drain yourself, you may unknowingly make the problem even worse. This could lead to more significant, more expensive issues, either now or in the near future. 

If you manage to clean your drains yourself effectively, you might experience only a temporary solution. A more thorough cleaning may still be required by a professional.

While you may think DIY drain cleaning will save you time and money, the reality can be the opposite. When the wrong products or tools are used, or the right tools are misused, additional problems can be created. This may prolong your plumbing project or even cost you more money in the end – especially if you have to purchase additional products and tools.

Luckily, there is an alternative to DIY drain cleaning.

How to Properly Clean Your Drains

Calling a professional for advice is always the best choice when it comes to drain cleaning. Usually, it leads to homeowners experiencing savings in both time and money.

Not only will a plumbing professional be able to identify any problems correctly, but they will also know the right tools and products to use. Plus, a plumbing professional has access to tools that a typical homeowner does not have. Their years of education and experience help them identify issues quickly, using the most effective methods available.

Hiring a professional can also prevent homeowners from experiencing unnecessary stress and frustration. When you attempt to clean a drain yourself, there are often numerous visits back and forth to the local hardware store. Sometimes, products are purchased that are not even used in the end – creating unnecessary waste.

If you still want to clean your drains yourself, contacting a professional at the start of the process can help. At the very least, they can inspect your problem to ensure that proper cleaning is, in fact, what’s needed to repair the issue.

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