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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

As master plumbers, we get a lot of questions about plumbing. So, we have put together a list of plumbing questions that we seem to get quite frequently to answer some of your inquiries.

  1. Why is my water bill so high?
  2. My water does not stay hot for long. Why is that?
  3. Why is my faucet dripping?
  4. How do I get rid of a bad smell coming from my garbage disposal?
  5. How can I extend the life of my plumbing fixtures?

Why is my water bill so high?

If your water bill is high without any apparent reason, you should check your toilets to make sure that they aren't leaking. This can contribute to a lot of water usage and cost you almost $100 extra per year on your water bill. If the water continues to run into the bowl after the toilet is flushed, a mechanism in your toilet isn't working and needs to be replaced. You can check to see if your toilet is running by adding a couple of drops of food colouring into your tank and letting it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Check back to see if the water in the bowl has changed colour. If it has, your toilet is leaking/running and you should call a professional.

Why do I run out of hot water so quickly in the shower?

One factor that may cause you to quickly run out of hot water in the shower is the volume of water that your shower head allows through per minute. Older shower heads put out 19 litres per minute. A new shower head will put out about 10 litres per minute. By switching to a new shower head you can essentially double the length of time you have hot water in the shower.

Why is my faucet dripping?

Most faucets at some point will drip depending on their age and wear. This is usually cause by hard water, and is fairly simple to fix. You may just need to replace a couple of worn out parts such as cartridges, washer stems, etc.


By turning off your faucets gently rather than with force, you will extend the life of your faucets.

How do I get rid of a bad smell coming from my garbage disposal?

Odours can sometimes happen because of the buildup of food debris inside your garbage disposal and this is fairly normal. To get rid of the bad smell, you can put a handful of ice cubes along with some lemon peels in the disposal and let it run for about 30 seconds. Then squirt a bit of liquid dish detergent into the unit while it is still running. After that, let cold water run for about 30 seconds to wash away any remaining particles This should eliminate any odours.

How can I extend the life of my plumbing fixtures?

The best way to extend the life of your fixtures is to install a water softener. This system is designed to stop limescale build-up and protect pipes and fixtures, as well as make appliances that use water more efficient.

If you have any further plumbing related questions, please feel free to email or call us at 905-510-4965.