How Much Does Water Usage & Conservation Matter?

Canada is privileged to have 20% of the world’s freshwater reserves. In fact, there are so many lakes in this country that one might wonder how much water usage and conservation matter. But the reality is that when it comes to the global water supply, only a very small percentage of water is drinkable – of the earth’s supply, only 3% is fresh water, but of that 2.5% is locked under the soil or in glaciers – leaving us with 0.5% of accessible freshwater.[i]

So, when understood in this context, water conservation becomes quite essential. The small actions we take right here in our Oakville homes to conserve water can benefit the entire world.

Here are a few reasons why conserving water is so important:

1 - It protects against drought

The global population continues to increase, but the amount of water we have on the planet remains the same. And even though the Earth redeposits the water we use through the water cycle, that water isn’t necessarily returned to the same spot or in the same quality. So by reducing our water usage, we can help protect against future drought. 

2 - It protects against inflation and political turmoil.

A lack of a sufficient clean water supply can have devasting consequences on a population, and it can lead to a drop in food supplies, rising costs, health hazards, and political turmoil.

3 - It protects our environment

Water in the urban water cycle must go through an extensive cleaning process before it can be released back into the environment, which takes energy and fuel. Reducing how much water we use on a regular basis, also reduces the amount of energy needed to deliver this water to our homes and businesses.

4 - It makes more water available for leisure purposes

We all know that golf courses and swimming pools require a lot of water. But water is also an important part of beautifying our communities, such as watering gardens, flowers, trees, and lawns. If we don’t conserve water now, there will be less water for these other purposes in the future.

5 - It makes more water available to provide for safe and clean communities. 

Services that we have come to rely on, such as hospitals, firefighters, gyms, restaurants, etc., all need large amounts of water in order to operate. We can help ensure these services can continue to thrive in our community by conserving water.

Water conservation does require some thought and effort, but it’s probably not as difficult as you think. Simple changes like installing low-flow toilets or faucet aerators can reduce your water usage without you having to change your daily habits much at all. And addressing things like leaky faucets and pipes will not only help you save water – but they can help you save money on your utility bills as well.

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