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The Importance of Furnace Maintenance 

It’s recommended that furnace maintenance be done once a year, but many homeowners don’t do regular maintenance because of the cost or potential scheduling conflicts. It is important, though, that you do that regular maintenance – and here’s why. 

More Efficient Furnace

As a homeowner in Oakville, you’ve likely felt the pinch of increasing utility costs over the last couple years, so why not lessen those costs if possible. With the regular use of your furnace, it will wear down and not run as efficiently as it could. Regular furnace maintenance will ensure proper airflow and potentially even a reduction in time it takes to heat your home. 

Save your Furnace Warranty

Most furnaces come with a warranty on the unit, however, in the fine print, it says that the warranty is only valid when regular (usually annual) maintenance has been performed on the unit. So, if something major goes wrong with your furnace and you haven’t been keeping up with the schedule for maintaining it, you could be stuck paying the whole repair bill or even replacing the whole unit (if needed). 

Longer Furnace Lifespan

You know how cars that are really well maintained with regular maintenance tend to last longer? The same thing applies to your furnace. Furnaces that have been serviced regularly will typically have a longer lifespan and will work better longer than those who are not. Furnaces will usually last about 15 years, however, one that is well cared for could last up to 25 or 30 years potentially. 

Reduced Carbon Monoxide Risk

Furnaces produce carbon monoxide as part of their regular operation, and if there’s a leak it’s very dangerous and harmful to your family. By having a professional come in and check over the unit and all its components you can greatly reduce the risk of a leak like that happening. 

Save Money on your Gas Bill

While paying for the yearly maintenance may not make you think you’re saving money at the time, in the long run regular maintenance will really help you save money. From improved efficiency (leading to lower utility bills) to major repairs you don’t have to pay for (because the warranty kicks in) and even a longer life span for your furnace itself, doing this regular maintenance will help keep money in your bank account in the long run. 

Book Your Furnace Inspection Today

If you haven’t had regular maintenance on your furnace previously, that’s ok – this year is a great year to start. 

The best time to book a furnace service appointment is before winter comes, but when the weather is chilly enough that the technician can turn it on and test it out. Typically furnace maintenance is done in October or November, depending on how the weather is. Book your yearly maintenance with A. McKenna Plumbing today, and know that your home’s central heating source is safe and reliable going into winter.