Low Pressure Shower Heads - Make your Hot Water Last Longer

As the world makes more of an effort to become greener, there are always new products coming into the market. Whether you are genuinely concerned about the state of the environment and saving energy, or more worried about your ever-rising energy and water bills, making your hot water last for longer can help significantly. One way that you can save on water and energy is by using a low pressure shower head. A small action can actually go a long way in helping the environment and saving on those energy and water bills.

Low Pressure Shower Heads

Low pressure shower heads are specifically designed so that the amount of water that passes through it is less. Some people use a shower head with an excessively high pressure – giving the user a massage-type experience. This is obviously some people's preference, however, in terms of cleaning yourself, nothing like that force of water is required.

Water pressure preference varies from one person to another, but it is fair to say that most people enjoy a more invigorating shower, with a relatively high water pressure.

A low pressure shower head isn’t something to look down upon, however – it’s not just a dribble of water, it is still excellent pressure and serves perfectly for taking a shower and making sure you're squeaky clean.

By pumping water at a slower speed through the shower head, you will reduce the amount of water that you will be using, hence saving you money on both your water bills and the amount of energy that you are using to heat the water.

Aerated Shower Heads

Changing the showering habits of a nation isn't a small task, let alone changing the habits of the whole world. There are certain elements in which we embrace change, however, there are certain ones in which we do not and showering is considered to be one of them. A low pressure shower head can give a different showering experience and has resulted in people being less willing to change.

As a result, shower head designers came up with a low pressure shower head which aerates the water. This effectively ‘bulks out’ the water, meaning that it will mimic the same pressure but use less water. The main downside to having an aerated shower head is that at times the air can lower the water temperature, so you may end up using more energy to heat the water in the first place.

Decreasing the amount of water flow from your shower head is a great option for those who are looking to have their hot water last longer.

If you are interested in acquiring and installing a low pressure shower head to decrease your water and energy bills, get in touch with us today and our team will be ready to help.