Have a Noisy Toilet Flush? Here's How to Fix It

There are many factors that can make your trip to the bathroom less than private. A noisy toilet can be irritating at best and sometimes, downright alarming. 

With all the noise in our lives, a toilet that doesn’t have a quiet flush can put us on edge and disrupt the quietest of moments. A toilet, when flushed makes a unique sound. A toilet that isn’t at its best will let you know by making unnecessary noise. Some issues are simple and easy to correct. Others will require a professional plumber and sometimes, make the purchase of a new toilet the only solution that can bring a quiet flush back to your home. There are several ways to make that toilet quieter, restoring calm, and making the visit to the bathroom more enjoyable.

Phantom Flushing

If your toilet is creating unnecessary noise because it appears to flush at least partially all on its own, take a look inside the tank. An ill-fitting flapper, build up in the tank, or a refill tube that isn’t properly located can cause your tank to top up between flushes. This is also a waste of water. Replacing the plunger is an easy and inexpensive fix. Try cleaning out the tank. Limescale can build up, preventing the flushing mechanism from operating properly. If you notice water around the toilet, your noisy toilet has bigger problems. Turn off the water to the tank and call a professional plumber.

The Hissing Toilet

If the noise coming from your toilet is more like a hissing sound, check the fill valve. Debris and limescale can obstruct the hose, causing water flow to be obstructed. Try cleaning it out with a pipe cleaner.

Noisy Water Flow

If you’re having trouble thinking because of a noisy flush, you might want to check your water flow. If there is an echo when you flush your toilet, you may have an obstruction preventing the water from flowing down properly. Often the problem lies in the valve. If there is a build up in the valve, it might be time to replace this part. Alternately, you can add a regulator to reduce the speed of the water flow. This solution may require the help of a plumber.

If there is nothing wrong with your toilet but you still find your flush a noisy affair, consider investing in a new toilet. There are several toilets on the market that boost a quiet flush. The quietest toilets on the market are one-piece gravity toilets. These toilets flush with less pressure and the water has less distance to travel. Both these factors will create a quieter flushing experience.

The racket a noisy flush can create will bowl you over. There are many solutions to the noise. These solutions will no doubt restore that tranquil feeling to your bathroom visit.

Silent Leaks

Keep your ear open for silent leaks. This can happen with a faulty overfill valve in which the toilet keeps filling, but your water is literally going down the drain.  In most cases, you might hear water running, but it could be subtle so if you have impaired hearing it could go overlooked.  Toilets that are rarely used, such as one in a basement are often culprits as well as it could be days, weeks or months before you go into that room and hear the leak.  The issue with silent leaks is that they have the potential to cause you thousands of dollars in water utility fees if they are not caught early.  Normally the city will mail you a letter if it sees something out of the ordinary, however, their system is not foolproof.

If you are disatisfied with your toilet and need a replacment, or have it repaired, call one of our Oakville Plumbers today.  At A. McKenna Plumbing, we service the Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Mississauga regions for all your plumbing needs.