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How to Patch a Leaky Pipe While You Wait for the Plumber

Water’s been leaking from that pipe for a while now, and you’re getting tired of replacing the sopping wet towels underneath. You put an emergency call in with your plumber but are awaiting a callback. What should you do in the meanwhile to prevent further damage?

Below, we’ve outlined some tips on how to patch a leaky pipe until your plumber arrives.

Stop the Flow of Water

How can you patch a leaky pipe if there’s water still flowing through it? Simply put, you can’t. That’s why the first thing you need to do is shut off the water supply valve for that particular pipe.

If you are unsure which valve that is, turn off your home’s main shut-off valve. To drain away leftover water, turn on the faucet that’s nearest to the leak. Although you won’t have any water throughout your home, your pipe won’t be leaking anymore, either!

Clean Up the Immediate Area

Because no patch will adhere properly to a wet surface, you’ll need to dry off the pipe. Use a dry cloth to remove water from the surrounding cabinets, fixtures, and floor area, too. Prepare the area for your plumber’s arrival by removing any surrounding items that may become damaged.

Prep the Pipe 

Using an adjustable wrench, tighten any nearby joints in the area of the pipe leak. Doing so helps create a stronger seal, which makes your temporary repair last longer.

Next, inspect the leaky area to see if there’s any rust, limescale, or rough edges. If you find some damage, use a file or piece of sandpaper to smooth the area. This will help make the patch stick better.

Patch the Pipe

When it comes to temporarily repairing your leaky pipe, you have options for a choice of material. Usually, the one you choose comes down to what you have on hand.

Using epoxy putty is the easiest emergency repair method for a leaky pipe. Break off a suitably sized piece and work it between your hands until it’s malleable. Apply it to the crack or hole, then smooth out the edges. Provide time for it to settle properly.

Duct tape provides another option. Wrap several layers around the leaky pipe as tightly as possible. This should prevent the pipe from leaking until the plumber arrives.

Benefits of Stopping a Leaky Pipe Early On

Nobody wants to see a leaky pipe – but if you do, hopefully, you’re at home when it happens.

Water can create a lot of damage to the area around the pipe and quickly spread to other sites. This damage can even affect the structural integrity of your home.

Detecting a leak as early as possible can save a massive amount of money, both in wasted water costs and repair fees. Plus, it will reduce your stress levels!

If you’re currently experiencing a leaky pipe and need a professional plumber, contact A. McKenna Plumbing anytime.  We offer emergency plumbing repair in the Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga region.