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What You Need to Do to Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing for Winter

Winter is just around the corner in South Western Ontario and you know what that means – ‘tis the season for cold weather, warm clothes, hot drinks, and turning up the heat in your house. 

Before going full-steam-ahead and enjoying everything Canadian winters have to offer, there are some matters you should tackle first. One of the biggest obstacles you’ll have to deal with before enjoying the season is getting your house ready for it – particularly when it comes to its plumbing systems.

Outlined below is a winter plumbing checklist you’ll want to keep handy when getting your home winter ready.

The Exterior of Your Home

Start by preparing the exterior of your home for the frigid weather ahead.

Remove your garden hoses to prevent water from getting trapped in the hose bib. Doing so eliminates the risk of water freezing and damaging the pipes. You’ll also want to drain any remaining water in your hose before storing it for the duration of the season.

Additionally, if you have a sprinkler system set up, you should shut it down properly. Contact a professional if help is needed.

Repair Leaks Around Your Home

Want to avoid dealing with some major problems once the temperature falls? Check all of the exposed pipes both inside and outside your home for any leaks. If you do happen to discover a leaky pipe, this guide can be used to take on the project yourself.

You should also check any insulated pipes for moisture that could be hiding a leak.

Insulate Any Necessary Pipes

To prevent bursting pipes due to freezing, ensure all exposed pipes in your house are insulated well. If you find a pipe that does need some additional insulation, one quick solution is to wrap it in insulation foam. Checking your pipes for adequate insulation is also an efficient way to save on energy costs.

It’s also important to locate your main water valve. Should any water-related emergency occur, the damage can be reduced by turning this valve off.

Further Preventative Measures to Take Before Winter

Here are some additional preventative winter plumbing tips:

  • Ensure that your garage doors are kept shut to help prevent frozen pipes (particularly important if there are water supply lines in the garage).
  • Know which of your pipes are most at risk for freezing – namely pipes located in unheated interior spaces such as attics, basements, garages, etc.
  • Should you need additional heat to prevent freezing, you can, with caution, use a space heater where pipes are at risk (note: the use of space heaters in bathrooms is not recommended).

What to Do If You Need Help with Your Home’s Plumbing

There is a lot to remember when it comes to properly winterizing your house. For the best solution, contact McKenna Plumbing’s team of licensed plumbers. Servicing the Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, and Etobicoke areas, our team is prepared to get your home ready for the cold season ahead.