Why Is There Sewage Coming Up Through My Bathtub?

As a homeowner, you have to deal with many unforeseen problems inside and outside your home. But some issues – like sewage coming up through your bathtub drain – are much worse to deal with than others. If you’re experiencing this problem currently at your home, here’s what you should know about it.

#1 Reason for Sewage Coming Up Through Your Bathtub

All of the sinks, toilets, and tubs in your home connect to the same main sewer line. This drain line transports all sewer water to the city’s sewer system from your home.

When there’s an obstruction somewhere in your sewage line, wastewater is forced to return to your home rather than go to the city’s sewer system. This dirty water can re-enter your home, often beginning with your tub or shower drains.

Almost anything can cause a sewer line blockage, including hair, food waste, children’s toys, rocks, tree branches, cooking oils and grease, and rodents. Sewer lines can become overloaded during significant rainfalls and create a temporary back-up. 

Older homes sometimes have deteriorated lines that are more likely to become punctured by tree roots or other items, leading to sewage problems.

Telltale Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

Your blocked sewer line has already caused problems by the time you can smell it. However, some early signs and symptoms indicate that a sewage system line obstruction’s occurring. 

You can prevent the sewage back-up from coming into your bathtub by addressing it early enough. Indications of a blocked sewer line include:

Slow Draining Water

You may have a sewer line problem when you notice that water’s slowly draining from your drain pipes. Since a blocked sewer line impacts a home’s lowest drains initially, keep an eye on the shower or floor drain on your home’s first floor.

Gurgling Noises From Shower

Hearing gurgling sounds while your shower or sink drain typically indicates a clogged sewer line.

Regular Drain Clogs

If your toilets or other drains are frequently clogging, there may be something starting to block your sewer line. Even if you can get the clog fixed, it may only be temporarily.

Moving Water

Wastewater that appears out of other drains while completing laundry or after flushing a toilet is a sign of a drain line back-up.

What to Do if Sewage Comes up Through Your Bathtub 

The harmful bacteria and microorganisms found in sewage can create major health risks if you get exposed to them. Sewage coming up through your bathtub is a serious problem that should be addressed by a plumber right away.

While waiting for a professional to arrive, turn off your home’s primary water supply. This prevents additional water from flowing directly into locations that are currently blocked.

Attempts to fix the clog yourself can lead to more plumbing damage. Avoid using a plunger since it won’t be able to reach your sewer line or fix the blockage anyways.

A plumber can use a sewer camera inspection to find the source of the blockage before determining the best way to remove it. Hydro jetting or a drain snake are commonly used to repair clogged sewer lines.