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What Does a Plumbing Rough-in Include?

During the construction of a new home or home addition in Oakville, the plumbing rough-in refers to the construction phase in which all the basic plumbing installations are made, but before drywall and flooring are installed. This is generally when the first inspection takes place since it is much easier to make adjustments if you don’t have to remove flooring and drywall.

What a plumbing rough-in includes:

You will have all pipes connections, water supply lines, and drains installed and running through holes that have been bored into the studs in a plumbing rough-in. What you will not have, are fixtures such as sinks, faucets, and toilets.

How a plumbing rough-in fits with the inspection process:

A plumbing rough-in should be completed before the home inspector comes to inspect the plumbing. Typically, the workflow would look something like this:

  • Framing is completed, but no drywall has been installed yet.
  • Shortly after, or around the same time that the electrical rough-in is done, the plumber will come in and run supply lines and drains through the studs.
  • A home inspector will make their first visit and either approve or fail the work.
  • If the work is approved, drywall will be installed.
  • The plumber (along with other tradespeople) will return to install end-point devices such as sinks, tubs, toilets, etc.
  • The home inspector will make their final visit to approve or fail the work.

Important considerations during a plumbing rough-in:

  • Gravity is a critical component of drainage. The angle of the wastewater line must be sufficiently downward so that wastewater is able to drain. However, the angle must not be so steep that you face issues associated with drainage that is too quick.
  • The plumber must ensure that the wastewater system is properly vented so that wastewater can be removed safely and efficiently.
  • Once the rough-in plumbing has passed inspection, the finished plumbing work (installing of fixtures, etc.) can be completed.

What should you expect from a plumbing rough-in? 

Homeowners should expect that the rough-in work done by a professional plumber is the final product. A job that is done properly should not require any modification orders from the home inspector.

Further, it is much better for the homeowner to discuss their vision for the layout of the bathroom with the builder/plumber prior to work commencing. These contractors will be able to let you know if your ideas will work and may also be able to suggest other ideas you may not have thought of.

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