What To Do When Your Sink Drain Smells

Creating a home that looks and feels good is a priority for most. Having a home that is friendly on the nose is equally important. If you have a smell that you just can't unearth, the culprit might be one of the many drains in your home.

When you enter your house only to be assaulted by a bad odour, nothing will stop you from uncovering that smell. If your odour investigation has come up dry, you might consider looking to the many drains in your home. If your nose can narrow down the type of smell, you'll be well on your way to determining which drain contains the assaulting odour.

Consider inspecting all the drains in your home. Kitchen and bathroom sinks, floor drains, toilets, and garbage disposals. All are susceptible to odour causing bacteria and all your drains can fill your house with an unpleasant odour. Once you've unearthed that smell, consider your plans for eradicating it.

Why Your Sink Smells Bad

If your bad smell is of the sewer variety and is coming from your bathroom sink or toilet, you'll know it right away. Sewer gasses need to escape and they do this through the p-trap in your sink and toilet. This can only happen if there is water in them. If your sink or toilet remain unused for any significant amount of time, the water that sits in the p-trap will evaporate, allowing these gasses to enter your home and provide you with that nasty smell. Keep water in all your sinks and toilets, even if they aren't being used on a regular basis. This is a quick fix and one that will prevent any future problems.

How To Clean Your Sink

If the smell coming from your bathroom sink would make a house fly nauseous, you likely have an extensive collection of hair, toothpaste and skin cells in the drain pipe. With years of use, it's no wonder you need to clean it out from time to time. Pour a cup of baking soda down that drain and let sit for 15 minutes. Now pour a kettle full of hot water down, but first add a half cup of white vinegar to the water. This will cause a reaction. The baking soda will bubble. Cover the drain with a bowl to contain it. Wait half an hour and flush the drain with fresh water. Repeating this method if necessary and whenever needed will keep the bathroom drains clean and odour free.

How To Clean Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal takes a beating and it's no wonder it fights back with a nasty odour. Proper use of the disposal system is key in preventing odours. Always run cold water while grinding food. If your disposal does take on a smell, there are products on the market for cleaning but there are several remedies that are simple, safe and readily available in your home. Lemon, bleach, baking soda, vinegar and ice cubes will all freshen up a garbage disposal. Brushing any plastic lining will also go a long way in eliminating a great deal of that odour causing bacteria.

If you're really having a tough time getting that smell out, A. McKenna Plumbing can be trusted to locate the sourse of the smell and help fix and prevent any more smells. Just Contact Us and speak with a friendly customer service reprasentative today!