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What Type of Faucets Should I Install?

In its simplest terms, a faucet is nothing more than a valve that controls the direction of water flow through a tube. As consumers for our homes and businesses, we need to consider the most suitable faucets for our water needs, including kitchen taps, bathroom sink faucets, wall-mounted faucets, bathtubs, showerheads, laundry sink faucets, compression faucets, and industrial applications.

There are four main types of faucets to consider before purchasing and installation can occur.

Ball Faucets

Ball faucets consist of a single handle adjusted to the right or left to control water temperature and pressure. The ease of movement in this faucet comes from a rounded ball cap that sits on top of the faucet spout. These faucets don’t have washers and are often considered the leakiest of the washerless faucets. 

The best use for ball faucets is in bathrooms and kitchens. They’re especially popular in restrooms and kitchens in public establishments, as they’re easy to use and require turning only one handle.

Disc Faucets

Disc faucets consist of a single lever over a cylindrical body and mix hot and cold water in a pressure balance cartridge. The cartridge has two ceramic discs on the base. These are used for controlling water volume, while the temperature is controlled by swaying the handle side-to-side.

These types of faucets use newer technology and very rarely require repairs. Disc faucets are reliable and are best used in bathrooms, kitchens, and laboratories.

Cartridge Faucets

Cartridge faucets have a single handle or double handle connected to a valve containing inlets for both the hot and cold water. They generally use an up-down motion to regulate water flow and control the temperature with a left-right movement.

Cartridge faucets are smooth and consistent and turn off without requiring additional pressure.

Compression Faucets

Compression faucets are traditional and have been used since the beginning of indoor plumbing. They consist of two handles for hot and cold water and a compression stem (a screw that allows water to flow out). The water shuts off when the washer is compressed.

Compression faucets are usually used in residences and offices and are the most standard type of faucet.

Faucet Spout Types

Depending on your needs, faucet spout types should also be considered. The following are standard spout types seen in residences and commercial businesses:

Standard Swing Faucets: Composed of a long, straight body, these are common at bathroom sinks. 

Gooseneck Faucets: More dramatic in appearance with a higher neck and a large curved u-shaped body. A popular choice for modern kitchen renovations.

Articulated Faucets: The articulated or double-jointed faucet has two tubes connected: one long, straight section with one shorter curved section attached to it. They’re often seen as wall-mounted pot-fillers or at industrial sinks.

Pot Filler Faucets: Long and straight like standard swing faucet spouts, but considerably thinner with a more angular spout. They’re used for laundry sinks or industrial applications.

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