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Oakville Emergency Plumbing Repair


When they do, Call A.McKenna Plumbing Call A.McKenna Plumbing.
A. McKenna Plumbing LTD. offers same-day emergency plumbing service in the Oakville & Burlington, Ontario areas.

When pipes burst in your home or business, you don't have the luxury to wait days for a plumber to show up. The longer the problem goes on, the more chance there is for potential water damage to your home and belongings.

Fixing the problem yourself can be tricky when you don't have the experience and training, the correct tools, and a supply of the correct replacement parts that a Master Plumber has.

A. McKenna Plumbing offers you same-day service from a Master Plumber with the necessary experience to diagnose your situation and stop the problem fast before water damage has a chance to spread and cause significant damage to your home.

Our Oakville plumbers cover the Oakville, ON area and the Burlington, Milton, and Mississauga Ontario areas with our emergency plumbing services.

We can handle all types of emergency plumbing issues, major or minor, including:

• Clogged Drains - Sounds like a minor issue, but clogged drains can be a big annoyance if you are entertaining friends & family at your home, or a clogged bathroom sink inconveniences your business' customers. Our professional plumbers can fix your clogged sink in no time with our drain cleaning services.

If you notice water backing up into a bathtub or shower drain after flushing a toilet, call a plumber immediately. This is a sign that your sewer line is clogged or damaged, and no amount of plunging or snaking your toilet with a closet auger will resolve.

Furthermore, if you've dropped something valuable, like your wedding ring, down the sink or into the toilet, our Oakville plumbers will be able to retrieve these items for you as well (provided you don't flush the toilet).

• Running & Overflowing Toilets - Toilets that constantly run after flushing can cost well over $100 in water bills per year. If the toilet runs & overflows just once, the repair bill can be huge as you are not just fixing the toilet, but repairing drywall, carpeting, floors and ceilings where the water has leaked. This can be prevented in most situations with a new valve or bob system.

• Slow Drains - A. McKenna Plumbing can fix every plugged drain situation, big or small. We can see the problem and choose the best course of action to fix it with state-of-the-art CCTV drain snaking cameras.

• Appliance Hookup Valve & Hose Problems - Washers, toilets, filtration systems, hot tubs, dishwashers; these are all appliances in your home that involve plumbing hookups that can be somewhat complex. When problems arise with these connections, it's vital to have a professional Master Plumber fix the problems, thus preserving your warranties and providing peace of mind that your home is protected from water damage. 

Our Oakville emergency plumbers also repair shut-off valve leaks for your appliances, such as toilets and washing machines. The rubber washers in shut-off valves eventually wear out and can lead to plumbing emergencies if the valve suddenly gives away. Especially if your bathroom or washing machine is on the ground or second floor as the water will leak through your floors and into the rooms below.

• Sump Pump Services - You may not give much thought to your sump pump, but when snow quickly thaws or there are heavy rains, you'll be very happy your sump pump preventing your basement from flooding. Should your sump pump stop working, and the sump pit water levels are rising, you will want to call a professional plumber at once, or else you may be up all night manually emptying your sump pit with a bucket.

• Clogged Toilet - When plumbing pipes are clogged, the first thing you might consider is a plunger. If your toilet is clogged, a plunger may be able to dislodge the blockage and get rid of the water in the bowl. A bucket will have to be placed under this drain as well, just in case it doesn't work out.

Having a working toilet is important, especially if there is only one toilet in your house or if you are planning on having company over.

• Burst Pipes - A plumbing emergency that needs immediate attention is burst plumbing pipes. Water from burst plumbing can cause extensive damage very quickly. After shutting off your main water valve to stop any more water from leaking, call your local Oakville plumbers at A. McKenna Plumbing.

Our experienced plumbing experts can fix your burst pipes fast and often non-invasively by simply cutting out a small section of drywall.  This means you can get back to normal life quick, with little inconvenience to your day.  Frozen pipes during the winter is another emergency plumbing service we offer.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Our fair pricing policy means that you don't have to worry about paying a premium just because you are in a bind with an emergency plumbing issue.

Our fully licensed Oakville plumbers are people too, and helping people is what we do. We provide prompt, reliable emergency plumbing services to our customers. We are determined to earn your loyalty and establish a long-lasting relationship with your family or business.

An emergency with your business or home's plumbing is not something you should take lightly & try to fix yourself. There could be an underlying cause for the problem that is much larger and deserves attention from a professional plumber who has seen all types of problems and has the training to fix it right the first time.

No matter what your emergency plumbing needs are, call our plumbing professionals today for emergency plumbing repair in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, and Etobicoke, Ontario.