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Hydronic Heating & Boiler Repair


Safely heat your home through the use of a hydronic heating system such as a radiator, underfloor radiant loops, or baseboard heating units. These systems transfer heat to your home by circulating hot water through fins or tubing loops, transferring the heat from the hot liquid to the immediate areas surrounding the units, providing you with an economical & flexible method to provide heating comfort to targeted living areas and heating zones of your home or business.

Hydronic units distribute heat evenly without creating drafts or cold spots associated with forced-air type delivery. They save space by doing away with needed bulky ductwork that traditional furnaces require, and they cut way down on the spread of dust particles and allergens.

Hydronic heat systems will transfer heat via sealed systems. Running quieter than furnaces as noise is reduced since no blowers or large electric motors are needed as they are with forced air systems. Hydronic systems are quiet, energy-efficient, radiant heating solutions that keep your home’s or business's environment clean & healthy.

Hydronic Heating Process In a Nutshell

First, a boiler heats the liquid. The liquid is typically water, but some units can use other liquids such as an antifreeze hybrid.

The thermostat directs a central plumbing manifold to manage the flow of heated liquid to where it’s needed. A pump keeps the liquid in circulation by pushing it through the system. The tubing carries the heated liquid payload out to the radiator, baseboard heaters or underfloor heating elements, and, of course, directs the cooled liquid back to the boiler to repeat the process all over again.

Is Hydronic Heating Worth it?

Hydronic heating is a more expensive installation cost than gas heating, but it can save you money in the long run.

Hydronic Heating Uses Less Energy Than Other Systems

A hydronic system is typically about 35% efficient or less, while furnaces are usually 80-90% efficient -- which means that for every unit of energy input to your home's heat pump, you get back only one-third as much usable heating output. This makes hydronic systems significantly more economical on monthly utility bills and helps offset their higher initial cost.

Hydronics Can Be Easier To Maintain And Install On Older Homes

When installed correctly by an HVAC contractor with experience working with these types of units, this type of radiant heating will last longer since it's not as dependent on electricity.

Hydronics Are More Sustainable Than Other Systems

The high efficiency of this type of heating means that your home's heat pump will use less fuel to produce a given level of comfort than other systems. This can help you save money in the long run and reduce your carbon footprint since hydronic systems emit lower levels of greenhouse gases than gas or electric-powered furnaces.

Boiler Repair Is Required For The Hydronic System Maintenance To Be Feasible

A boiler system is composed primarily of pipes, valves and pumps that are used to distribute hot water throughout the house for in-floor heating, radiators and even under-floor piping which heats up during cold winter days when heated by ambient air around it. This type of heating system relies on a boiler that supplies water to the pump in order for it to produce hot water and distribute it throughout your home.

A leak or clogging can cause damage so you must have this repaired by professionals who know how to do it right away, with no interruption in service. Hydronic systems are not easy to fix things like electric heaters and natural gas furnaces after all! We're talking about highly sophisticated equipment here which is only meant for experts' attention because they need them now more than ever before.

Designing a Hydronic Heating System

You should know that hydronic heating systems are designed based on the size of your house and how it is currently heated. It has to be a complete system from top to bottom, including piping, water pumps, boiler and any other components you might need for the installation.

This work can't be done without professional help because these functions require training if not years of experience in this field. The most important thing besides all these considerations is finding professionals with certified skills so they're familiar with what's required by law when installing such equipment like code requirements and plumbing codes which must also be followed before starting this kind of project. All things considered, looking around for qualified people who have knowledge about hydronic heating won't take much time at all!

Boiler Options

You have several different options when choosing the main part of your hydronic system; the boiler.

  • Tankless Hydronic Heaters - Provide a continuous even supply of hot water while saving space typically used by traditional large water tanks.
  • Solar Water Heater - Typically used in tandem with a traditional boiler to increase load & efficiency.
  • Combined Hot Water & Hydronic Boilers - Can be designed for tankless & hot water tanks as well.

For more information on the many hydronic heating options available to you, Contact A. McKenna Plumbing. We are committed to your satisfaction with every service and product we offer.

Radiator Installation And Repair

A. McKenna Plumbing’s expert plumbers will install your new radiator in a professional and timely manner. We bring everything needed for the job and will work with you to find the best placement of your radiator to optimize the heat in your home. You want to make your home comfortable, and we help you do that with the perfect radiator installation.

With our harsh Ontario, Canada winters, it’s important to make sure that your radiators are working properly. Don’t get left in the cold with a radiator that leaks or doesn’t heat up. A. McKenna Plumbing will repair leaks or bleed your radiator to make sure that your home stays comfortable, no matter what the temperature is outside.

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