Infloor Heating



Imagine stepping out of bed on a crisp fall morning and feeling the comfort of a warm floor as you make your way to the coffee machine. With in-floor radiant heating, you can experience the comfort throughout your entire house. Supplying heat directly into the flooring surface or to the wall panels, in-floor heating systems offer very cost efficient, comfortable, and even heating.

You maintain flexibility and control of your in-floor heat underneath hardwood, carpet, stone and tile.

Similar to hydronic heating, underfloor heating systems are a form of radiant heat transfer, moving the heat from the delivery surface to the heating zones of your home via infrared radiation.

Cleaner, quieter and more efficient than forced-air style heaters, radiant floor heating effectively heats every corner of the room.

How In-Floor Heating Works

The underfloor heating is generated through either electric heating coils, or via hydronic style heating where hot water from either a boiler, solar heater, or geothermal heater is pushed via a quiet pump through a network of tubing run within or underneath your home’s floors.

Another way to think of it is to imagine an in-floor heating system as being a giant version of your car’s radiator. The radiator is constantly delivering a liquid to the zones where temperature control is desired, then returning the liquid to the starting point to be heated once more. This cycle becomes a continuous efficient heating loop, all centrally managed by a thermostat you can set to your preference.

The beauty of in-floor style heating is that you can create custom zones that you want to heat based on your use of the different rooms in your house.

You can heat rooms you frequently use through radiant heating, such as the living room & bedrooms, and leaving the less-used rooms like guest bedrooms off until they’re needed, eliminating wasted energy & creating a more optimized approach to heating your home.

Get In-Floor Heating In Your Home

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