New Construction Plumbing Services


Starting a new home construction project is exciting and challenging at the same time. So many possibilities. So many important decisions to make.

Some of the most important decisions you’ll make about your new home or commercial property as it’s being designed and built are the ones regarding the plumbing systems you’ll choose to be installed.

These decisions will affect the overall costs, use, enjoyment and longevity of the property for many years into the future.

Many questions need to be addressed. Just a few examples are: Do I need a sump pump, and if so, what type do I install? Should I use ceramic or stainless steel sinks? What type of faucets should I use? Do I need a boiler or a geothermal water heater? Should I go with Hydronic heating, in-floor heating, or a traditional furnace?

Professional plumbers like the ones we have at A. McKenna Plumbing can help you find the answers to these very important decisions regarding the construction of your new home.

A. McKenna Plumbing’s team of Master Plumbers will be with you every step of the way with your new construction project. We work with you to create the best plumbing layout for your home, and then professionally install plumbing products catered to your needs.

New Home Plumbing

Our professional new construction plumbing service ensures that your new home will have everything it needs to run properly, with no leaks! We have a large selection of sinks, faucets, toilets and more to choose from in every style from traditional to contemporary.

We only use the best products and offer the highest level of customer service at all times. We are experienced professionals, who are on time, on budget, and friendly to work with. Your satisfaction is the driving force behind every service & product we offer.

If you are starting a new construction project and need expert plumbing service in Oakville, Ontario or the surrounding communities including Mississauga, Milton, Burlington, and Etobicoke, give A. McKenna Plumbing a call at 1-905-510-4965. You can also check out what Specials we're currently offering to see if you can save money on your next plumbing service.