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Your Oakville home contains two separate plumbing systems. One that carries the fresh water in (your supply) and one that carries waste water out (your drainage).

Your water supply typically enters your home at one location and passes through your water meter (this is how the city can tell how much water you have used and bill you accordingly).

Every homeowner should know where your water supply enters your home because there is usually a main water shut-off valve located near the water supply pipe. Typically it will be in your basement or crawlspace, and you can trace your way to it from your hot water heater tank. If there is a problem with your pipes, whether those are copper pipes, galvanized steel pipes or plastic piping, you can use the main valve to temporarily shut off the main water supply pipe to your home.

Slow leaks and other problems with the pipes in your home or business often don't show immediately. Regular plumbing inspections can help you fix minor issues before they get out of hand. A. McKenna Plumbing's technicians can provide regular inspection services to find common pipe problems, and you can even check out our latest Specials to get the best deals.

Common Pipe Problems

Your drainage or sewer pipes may face a range of issues over time depending on their construction, be it clay, cast iron pipe or plastic PVC. These issues may be caused by tree roots that grow into drain waste pipes, crushing from external forces, or clogs caused by foreign materials like paper, dental floss or diapers.

Pipe Channelling

Channelling is another problem that aging pipes face. This is the process of the bottom portion of the pipe getting slowly worn away over time from the flow and constant force of water moving over it. This problem affects iron sewer pipes which typically have a lifespan of 25-30 years. This channelling process can cause erosion and weakening of the foundation under structures such as homes, driveways, and landscaped areas.

Frozen Pipes

One of the more common issues with plumbing that property owners face is burst pipes. This problem can be caused by the winter weather, when the lines get so cold that the water inside the pipe freezes, causing it to expand and the pipe material to fail and burst open.

Any exposed pipes that are not housed in a constantly heated part of the home should be insulated to keep them from being exposed to extremely cold air. Opening up cabinet doors to let warm in and letting your hot water tap drip overnight can help reduce your risk of a frozen pipe.

Burst Water Pipes

Other causes of bursting include damage from poor plumbing design or misuse. Having the incorrect pressure rating for the pipes being used, or incorrect routing of flow, can cause pipes to fail over time.

Learn about these and many other issues facing your business or home's plumbing systems from A. McKenna Plumbing LTD. We have the experience & training to repair and prevent many of the common issues related to pipes, saving you potentially thousands of dollars in damage repairs before failures happen.

In Southern Ontario, you'll also want to ensure you shut off the water supply to your hose spigot before winter strikes with freezing temperatures.

Leaky Water Supply Lines

The hot and cold water supply lines that go into appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and toilets often corrode or wear down over time. Sometimes it's a flexible copper pipe that connects them. Other times it might be plastic pipes, rubber pipes or stainless steel.

A minor leak in your water supply lines can lead to a big flood if left unnoticed, as it will continue to leak until the water supply is shut off. Even if the shut-off faucet is nearby, you may find it might not work as the seals and washers break down over the decades.

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Did you know?
A burst washing machine hose is a top homeowner-insurance claim. Replace those flimsy rubber hoses with stainless steel ones.