Shower & Tub



A. McKenna Plumbing does all the dirty work so you can keep clean.  Our plumbing experts have worked with all shapes, sizes, types, and brands of showers and tubs. Check out our Plumbing Specials to see what deals we're offering right now!

Low Shower Pressure

Low shower pressure can be caused by several different factors.  The most common culprit is sediment build up in your cartridges. An easy fix! A. McKenna Plumbing can replace your shower or faucet cartridges, restoring your water pressure to previous enjoyed levels. Other factors affecting water pressure could be simple, from too many appliances running off of a riser line, to more complicated factors such as low pressure coming in from the supply, or sediment build up on your pipes.  No matter the problem, we can properly diagnose the issues and offer appropriate solutions.

Leaking Faucets

A common problem that can cost you money over time.  Often times we carry the tools and appropriate replacement parts in our vans to fix most leaking faucet issues.  In case we don't have what we need on hand, we can order the parts quickly and get your problem fixed in the shortest time possible.

Shower & Tub Installation

When you are thinking of bathroom renovations, call us to get a great competitive quote on running the proper plumbing for your dream bathroom.  We get the best prices on custom shower builds. We have access to all makes and models and can help you select the proper components to fit your space.